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It has been a little bit since we last heard from emcee Nate Wood.  Last time we featured him here we were premiering his video The Party.  Now the young emcee is back, sharing his newest single, Shine, with us here.  Once again produced by Des Moines based producer MV aka Max Petersen.  The beat seems tailored to Nate Wood, they certainly have a strong emcee/producer relationship.

Nate Wood spits with classic Nate Wood style on here.  It’s hard to explain his sound.  It’s always like he is just floating or hovering on the beat.  Like the two are intertwined and his voice is actually a sample.  It trips me out every time.  He picks up the pace and raps a little bit faster on here and it sounds awesome!

This track also features Milwaukee emcee Dom McNeal spitting a flawless verse, making his mark on the track.  Also Milwaukee r&b singer Rina adds beauty into the background of this track, highlighting herself, her talents and stepping this track up to another level.  Would be a different sound without her, good job recognizing the need.

I’m not here today to dig too in depth and break it down for you, just to show you some new music that sill surely be buzzing.  So sit back, listen and enjoy the ride.  After all, we all gotta Shine.