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“Substance Purgatory” came at the very end of a two-day stretch in March that included a plethora of cannabis, bacon, and manic music making with PsydeShow and ZiLO for what was going to be a joint effort (pun intended) called “Spring Broke!”. The concept of the EP revolves around our brain’s neurotransmitters (the things that make us feel) and this specific song is centered around Substance P which, in essence, is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel pain. ZiLO was working on “EAT 5HT (AND LIVE)” while I was handling the production for this one myself. It was originally supposed to include me on the second verse after the Archer sample but when it came time to record my verse (in August) for it I thought my lyrics would do a disservice to the flow of the track since I’m in a slightly different mental state now than I was when I wrote them so I handed it off to Joey along with the entire EP to be a new solo effort (although I’m still going to be featured providing vocals on two songs as well as production of four of the tracks).


When Joey told me his concept for this track I immediately knew I wanted the music to be a total onslaught of sound and a cacophonous blend of subwoofer shaking bass and drums.  The name “Substance Purgatory” stood out to the both of us because we both kind of teeter on the brink of masochism through our art from time to time. The entire EP is this pseudo-postmodern blend of modern pop song structures with a macabre and abstract twist on the status quo. This song wasn’t originally going to be a single but about halfway into recording the vocals I was able to convince PsydeShow that as a single, this song would make the biggest statement out of any of the other tracks. The radio waves are populated with singles from different bands and artists yet they all sound the same. This is one of the aspects of the music industry that I don’t think works to the benefit of the artist. Some of the bands on the radio are actually pretty good and creative but their labels or them somehow always decide to go for the safest song on the album to release as a single. I didn’t want Echoverse Records to follow that trend. I want our artists to redefine what the single should be, I want our singles to showcase our depth as artists rather than our ability to conform to trends, hence, “Substance Purgatory” being the first single off of “Spring Broke!”. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the track.


Armando Flores Jr. (Social Anxiety)