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The newest Famous MF video is exactly what it should be.  It is for his new single, The Wait Is Over, off of his upcoming project, No Feelings.  Already the third major project from this young, talented emcee.

While Famous MF may seem a name with some bravado attached to it, in this case it may just fit.  While not yet the most well known emcee, Famous is known for his hard work in many other fields.  From being a GM of a well known business, being a producer, a known photographer and videographer, there is no date that the name Famous MF suits him well.

The video itself, directed by Trademark, is simple in nature.  A still shot, one location, some added visual effects.  Sounds unremarkable huh?  That’s where you are wrong.  It is perfect for this beat (produced by Famous) and this song.  It is just over 2:00 minutes of Famous staring you right into the eyes and talking shit, his voice real gritty, full of an anger, a hunger inside of him.  He someone manages all of that, while still somehow maintaining a level of “fadedness”.

There’s no doubt Famous MF has the work ethic and attitude to succeed.  I was going to say it is just a matter of waiting, but as he just reminded us, The Wait Is Over.


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