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By Mike Marlow

In the new track “Stars.”, Wons Phreely combines an 80’s pop sheen with salt-of-the-earth vocals and a soaring chorus.  Clean guitar, drums and subtle keys (hearkening to The Cure and similar British alternative sounds) form the body of this driving track.  However it is the combination of the friendly instrumentals and simply emotive vocals that form the heart.


An earthy M. Ward-meets-Brandon Flowers vocal delivery gets the point across in earnest quality while the instruments chug along from verse to chorus to bridge with an understated pop sensibility.  The chorus laments “too many lights in the city tonight” along with a string section sound in a way that is reminiscent of the mid-00’s indie rock writing of groups like Stars or Arcade Fire.


Ultimately, this track strikes a balance: It’s clean but it’s genuine; it soars but it’s humble; it’s straight-forward but it seeks to invoke something more in the listener.



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Listen to the track below: