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Mac Gollehon has been an integral part of some of the biggest and best moments in musical history. As a hardworking musical arranger and musician, he has made his mark on the world several times already. His latest project is in collaboration with a group musicians he has assembled in order to express himself in a more fully formed and singular fashion. He and his Hispanic Mechanics are making big noise in a huge way, and that is exemplified very well in the video for the song “No More Drama”.

Beginning with a fun, strange and silent mini-vignette of a person dancing while clad in sombrero, the music kicks in just after the hat falls off, visually kicking things into motion. Mac himself exits what appears to be a hotel lobby with his three sprite-like backup dancers punctuating his movements and motions with their own. The energy of the video is immediately there in huge swaths, showcasing the fun and upbeat nature of the song itself. Running contradictory to the title, “No More Drama” is a peppy admonishment on the concept of being dramatic, a whisking away of sadness into a melange of happy feelings.

Mac and the gang of dancers take the viewer on a tour of their personal part of New York City, both literally and allegorically. Thanks to the efforts of director Dylan Greenberg, each of these places is highlighted in its own distinct way. Greenberg also incorporates some computer generated visual effects that punctuate the video throughout and are used very well. The level of skill and effort is clear. My one personal complaint, and I know this will sound a bit odd, but I believe that this video could have benefitted heavily from the use of a non-HD camera. I feel the gritty aesthetic of the video would have been much more effectively conveyed.

As the song reaches it’s own quicksilver conclusion, so too the video matches with a frenetic montage to end what has been a satisfying and colorful tour of one of the greatest cities in the world, by one of its greatest musicians. I would highly recommend anyone reading this, if you haven’t given the entirety of the self-titled album by Mac Gollehon and The Hispanic Mechanics, you are doing yourself a disservice. Go check it out immediately!