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Face drop.  Mic drop.  Room drop.  Goddamn this track goes hard…..

What?  Oh yeah, here is the premiere of the new track from C. Nickz ft. SAFS Crew members Young Daa and SAFS Crew Sunny and produced by Juggernaut beats.

The whole track starts with this beat.  This beat going hard as fuck in my headphones right now.  Throw in the hook and you already gotta a killer track.  The hook is FIRE!!!  Catchy as a mother.  If you are a constant reader, you know I don’t proclaim and praise shit very easily.

Who is easily in the top three greatest and most underrated emcees in Milwaukee?  The dude on verse number one, Young Daa.  He had a very slept on ep earlier in the year, check that here.  Daa kills this verse and every single track he touches.  If you ain’t know, now ya know, ya dig?

Second we got SAFS Crew Sunny on some whole other shit, for real.  I’ve seen Sunny live a few times, listened to plenty of his music too.  Dude steps his game up to a whole new level on this.  I am a big fan of Sunny, but had no idea dude had this flow inside of him.  GODDAMN!

I am new to C. Nickz, but dude makes his presence known on this.  Its commanding and gritty.  Kind of on some Rick Ross type shit.  Cold.

I think you can tell, what I feel about this track, no need to summarize.  I’m not reviewing it any further either.  Just here to share some new music with ya!

Check it below!