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The multi talented Evan Ramsey just released a short new song, in preparation for his new ep release coming soon.

Coming in at just over two minutes, the song flies by as we listen to Evan deliver to us an honest range of emotions and thoughts.  Something many of us can relate to on some level.  I know I can relate to a lot of the lyrics in this song.


And nobody knows exactly who I am/ They haven’t seen the things that I’m trying.


We also get to see hear not only Evan’s singing, but his switching up of flows and styles, ones we are not super accustom to hearing from him.  Let’s just say, it sounds awesome!

This beat, minus a few tweaks from Ramsey, was produced by emptybrother7, the very talented emcee/producer from the Twin Cities, who is constantly putting out new material, peep that.


I really like this track a lot.  Plus what I have seen from Ramsey on social media, it feels like he is going through a sort of personal renaissance and that is now translating into his music.


So, take a listen to the track below!

(Hey Evan!  You need a remix version of this track with Cullen Sampson and Mozaic.)