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AUTOmatic is the group.  Talking Bout Love is the track.  Head bobbing is the result.

The first single from the highly anticipated album, Marathon, has finally been released.  Talkin Bout Love gives you a head bobbing, fuzzy feeling in your stomach good time.  While being light hearted in nature the track does touch on a few poignant topics, in an undertone kind of manner; including police violence.

What it is all about though, is love.  What we go through and what people will do to achieve that fleeting feeling.  How it can shift and change a persons perception of the world.  From Gods love, to the love of a mother.  From a mans love, a woman love and everything in-between.

It’s nice to hear this new music from AUTOmatic!  This veteran emcee/producer combo compliment each other so well.  From the smooth production of Trellmatic to the incredible voice and flow of APRIME it is no mystery why these two have remained relevant and beloved in the ever changing hip hop community.

Their new album Marathon is slated for release November 11th, with a release party at Cactus Club.  You can also catch them playing it live on November 12th at Riverwest Public House with the Big Lo Christmas Rapped Tour (presented by KnowMoreMusic 😉 )

In the meantime, enjoy the latest from AUTOmatic below: