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Occasionally I receive a request to review or premiere a project that throws me off balance, so to say.  That is, it ends up being a totally different experience than I originally anticipated.  Let’s call this one of those moments.  This, the debut single from the band Onset.

Front man and lead singer of the band Onset, is a young 16 year old artist by the name of Max  Husten.  A young musician/actor whom last year starred in the film Dark Prism with singer/songwriter Mac DeMarco.  Max is the draw of the video.  The flashing lights, the visual effects are clearly here just to add to the environment for Max.

The song has a a catchy pop sound musically, for the most part.  While Max sings in a lo-fi type sound for most of the song, in a flat voice reminiscent of good dead pan comics (in a good way!)  With some heavy hitter on production (Andy Moholt of the band Laser Background) and drums (by Julian Fader of Ava Luna),  the sound is completely on point.

Young filmmaker Dylan Mars Greenberg does an excellent job directing this video.  They expertly match the video to the song.  Probably a bright future ahead for them.  Having already directed several feature films including the new Amityville Horror film “Amityville: Vanishing Point” as well as music videos for Blondies keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen and David Bowie’s former trumpeter Mac Gollehon.

Max Husten has a low voice that does not initially draw you in, but his presence helps with that.  There is just something that makes you continue watching.  Max somewhat resembles Macaulay Culkin in Party Monster with the charisma of Christian Bale in American Psycho.  Take that as you will, but as two of my favorite movies, I am certainly drawn in to wanting more.

I tend to be long winded when I type, the opposite problem that I have in person.  Haha!  So, without further ado please check out the video below as well as the link to more Onset music on Bandcamp!