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Thank God.  Thank Lucifer.  Thank Cthulhu.  Whomever you choose to praise, thank them, that on this morning we get new music from M.M.S. Kaiser.  The talented singer/songwriter is known for having an abundance of unrecorded and unreleased music.

Officially billed as M.M.S. Kaiser & His Sad Children, the new track “Peeking Thru the Cracks” has many of the classic elements of his music as well as many new sounds.  Gone are the polished, clean, Radiohead type sounds and replaced by gritty, lo-fi noise.  Either way he does it, sounds amazing.

The noisy background, the harsh static sounds are all reminiscent of the home recording style that has made record labels such as Enemies List so popular.  Ofcourse, we are still blessed with that down home, roots, folk/americana sound and undertone that Kaiser is known for.  On this song he also belts out a few notes, something I have been waiting to hear more of from him and it sounds really FUCKING good!

This new track is part of a compilation album from Death Roots Syndicate.  I will include the link to the track as well as that album below.  Enjoy!