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With artists like D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar creating album’s detailing the experience of black men and women in modern American society, Tomas Doncker’s album “The Mess We Made” follows suit with this potent and politically-charged album inspired by the Charleston Massacre. It’s hard not to get political when reviewing an album such as unapologetically political as “The Mess We Made”, but all I will allow myself to say is that as a minority, I understand and completely support a lot of what Tomas Doncker is saying on this release.

I’ve established that this album exists to send a message, but I bet you are wondering how the music is – after all, this is a music review. The answer to that is: quite splendid. The album is filled with funk and soul vibes that would drive any Sly Stone fan into tears of joy, hooks that will get stuck in your head for days, and manages to capture nuances of past and present music in just eight tracks. This album is full of energy and fervor but even departs into acoustic territory with the laid back but poignant “Don’t Let Go”. My biggest complaint with this track is that there is only eight tracks and it feels too brief for my taste. My favorite tracks are “Some Ol’ Dolls”, “Don’t Let Go”, and the cover of U2’s “Still Haven’t Found”. Do yourself and listen to this album in the link below, it’s exceptionally solid: