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November 1st 2016, the date that emcee/producer EmptyBrother7 dropped his new beat tape.  The Minnesota man has released a lot of music in the last year, we’re talking beats on beats on beats.  THELAST24akaFROMUNDERTHEMOONLIGHT was in typical EmptyBrother7 fashion, a slew of brand new, smooth, sometimes funky (possibly drug induced) beats.  The title tells it all as well.  All the beats were made in one day and the tape was released the next, adding to the genius that is EmptyBrother7 and highlighting the immense talent and work ethic this producer displays.


With very little marketing and promotion behind the project, one would think that this would receive very little attention.  In this case, the opposite is true.  With well over 1000 listens in the first week, things were a buzzing!  Empty had so many artists hitting him up about getting on these beats, he decided to re-release the project and add a single featuring emcee Just Jimi.  The mix is a bit odd, but the lyrics themselves hold their own.  With deep, personal lyrics Just Jimi just some nice things over the beat.



Take a gander at these sounds and dig deeper!  There is sure to be something you love.  Oh, and if you are an artist needing beats or wanting to work, hit up EmptyBrother7, he is a hard working, dependable, selfless producer.

So go out and make some magic happen!