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It’s been a minute since we heard some new heat from the Young Daa & SAFS Sunny album, but alas we have some new flame emojis.

NZT, starts off with a sample of Robert De Niro from the movie Limitless.  Fitting not only the track title but the direction of the song.  Local legend and producer extraordinaire Mike Regal lends his production talents, as he often has for the SAFS members.  We all know a Regal beat is gonna be fire right?  With headphones on it sounds AMAZING.

Young Daa keeps his eye on the prize and keeps that focus.  No time for rest, only time to accomplish and win.  For himself, his kids and for the city.

One life to live, let’s go and get it

Sittin’ still aint recommended


I don’t think that they get it, just want to provide for my children

Stacks gonna buy me a building, we bout the vision

Rapping for dollars, I give a fuck if those n*ggas know me


Then that bass heavy hook drops, super on point.

Feels like a took an NZT, I got the focus.


Then ofcourse is Sunny.  Sunny has always had his own voice and style that you can set apart from 1000 other copy cat, cookie cutter rappers.  That doesn’t change here.  Sunny brings those bars every time he touches a track.


If you aint tryna power up get the fuck from off the set

N*ggas waitin on my tape don’t know they waitin on they death


Got a bag full of gas, need a bag full of money


Super dope track.  Sunny and Daa are two of my favorite emcees in the city and I rock both of their music on the regular.  Both are entirely way too underrated.  Daa released one of the most slept on ep’s of the year in Milwaukee and I’ve been (patiently) waiting on that Sunny tape that was supposed to come out the 4th of July.  Haha.  Plus they were both on, arguably, the greatest track to come out of Milwaukee this year.


In the mean time I have been rocking all of their old tracks, I suggest you do the same.  Add this one to playlist without doubt.  Check it below!