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Will Static- A young soul with an old flow.  Not sure if there is a better way to describe the artist know as Will Static.  Hip hop has really helped shape his whole life, it’s who he is and what he grew up on.

From an early age Will had a love for hip hop.  Thanks to his father, Will felt that steez at an early age.  His dad bought him his very first record when he was six or seven, Run DMC.  That started a love affair with hip hop and it was something him and his dad could do together.  His dad introduced him to the 90’s greats; Public Enemy, NWA, especially Ice Cube.  Those are things and moments that make Will unlike other artists his age.  At only 20 years old Will has a lifetime of hip hop knowledge and an appreciation for it’s art.  Many other artists in his age range (and even older) don’t care how hip hop was formed, they don’t see the importance and they don’t draw inspiration from it they way Will does.  He is not a trend hopping rapper.  He takes his love of hip hop and forms into art that means a lot to him.

Will came up a lot like most of us did.  Being introduced by his cousins and listening to the GOATs of our time, of our generation.  Namely, Lil Wayne and Eminem.  Two of the biggest artist names over the last 15 years.  Artists, no matter how you feel about them, helped shape the game and were influential in so many artists lives.  That only helped fuel his love of hip hop.  That only made the draw to it so much stronger.  It was at 14 that Will really started to dabble in the art.  Freestyling over random beats, as so many of us do.  The difference being, he took it seriously.  It was the love of music that kept drawing him in.  He even played bass in an indie rock band with his brother.

That progressed throughout his high school years.  At 15 he first heard Odd Future and it burned in him a longing to write his own music.  So that’s what he did.  He formed a group called The Danger Chamber, but without mics, equipment, etc, It was something that was more for fun.  So there it laid throughout high school.  He continued to freestyle, but never really took that next step.  Not until college.





Will spent the first two years of college at UW-LaCrosse, where he was an All Conference running back and All State in Lacrosse ( one vote away from being All American.)  This is where the transformation into serious artist began.  During winter break of his freshman year Will came down to Milwaukee to see one of his favorite artists perform, Milo.  We all know what a success story Milo has been.  At this point he was the only local artist Will really knew, the only one he could really draw from and inspired by.  He didn’t even know who the opener was at that time (it was Webster X.)  This proved to be a pivotal turning point and changed how he viewed himself in hip hop.  He got the opportunity to rock a freestyle cypher before the show, which had people clamoring to him after the show asking if he had music out.  What a feeling!  It was this very night that he got to sit down and just chat with Milo, it encouraged him, it changed how he saw everything.  It was inspirational, Milo talked about setting goals and finding your own voice within hip hop.  This stuck with Will.

He went back to LaCrosse with a new mindset.  More focused than ever on becoming an artist.  He wrote a bunch of songs ( that were never released) and started getting more and more into the local/Wisconsin hip hop scene.  A meeting with Oshkosh rapper Keag also helped him on his path.  Keag encouraged Will to meet local LaCrosse rapper D-Whip, which gave Will his first chance at writing and recording in a studio and D-Whip taught him about the importance of having a musical presence in the streets and online.

This is when the music started to flow.  June 2015, Will released his first single, Fantasy, which featured D-Whip.  It also quickly caught the attention on local blog RapCine.com.  He didn’t slow down from there either, that very summer he hooked up with artists $moov, G Nes, Sunny Lou, and Oliver Blue, to form the group DRS aka Dirty Rotten Socialists (which we have featured here before).  They hit the bricks, heavy. Started recording their ep in the winter of 2015 and premiering their first single Ways, which featured Milwaukee heavyweight Reggie Bonds, in the spring of 2016 (HERE).  Months later releasing a second single, YDWT (HERE).  In that time Will not only performed at the Miramar with DRS, but also planned and orchestrated that show.



That’s where we leave DRS for now.  That’s the last word we’ve heard.  They are certainly a heavyweight group, who is bound to have great music to come.  More importantly though is the seriousness that Will Static is taking this craft.  Currently working on his debut solo ep.  Will writes atleast two hours a day.  Constantly rewriting and scrapping projects that don’t live up to his expectations.  He is not going to write, record and release a song in one day.  He has a business mind, an artists heart and a future as bright and powerful as lightning.  With this ep, he wants you to feel.  He wants to capture all human emotion.  He wants you to rock with him, have a good time and underneath it, make you feel something, make something you can relate to.

So, the first question I asked him when we started this piece was, who is Will Static?  In his own words:


He’s my outlet. I can get on the mic and really express myself. If its about larger societal problems, personal things I’m wrestling with, talking about the future, or just letting out energy, Will Static allows me to express what I’m feeling in a way that I think other people can relate to, and I hope the debut project really shows people that.




Trust in my words that Will Static is someone you will want to keep an eye on over the next year.  Between his ep and some major moves happening in the background, Will Static is going to be a name for you to remember.  He’d kill me (jokingly) if I let anything go, the best moves are made in silence.  With a style that draws inspiration from every style of hip hop, even once being described as E40 meets Drake, Will has a unique voice and sound with an impeccable flow, especially for someone who just recently started recording music.

From the first moment I was approached by Will, I could tell he was different.  He had this excited energy about him.  Maybe that’s just me being old, but I could tell he was different. When we first spoke on the phone, it was such a positive experience, that I wanted to be involved with him and his music immediately.  He spoke with such command, such passion and was open to all ideas I brought to him.

Let this article hold you over for a bit.  I promise you, there is a lot of music coming and all of it will be worth the wait.  From big name producers, features and more…;.I’ve already probably said too much.


So I am going to leave you with this.  As I said above, he has a business mind, an artists heart and a future as bright and powerful as lightning….And it’s not going to be bottled up for long.



Catch him on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willstaticmusic/

Twitter: @willstatic

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/willstatic