What’s up guys?  Been a while since I posted here.  My first interview was published with Fox.  I just wanted to drop in and make a brief introduction to the new readers here.   I’ll be making my rounds here shortly publishing reviews and other music related articles.   

I offer readers the opportunity to enjoy different forms of reviews by providing track by track breakdowns, “back of the book” reviews, and featured track reviews.   I also do interview pieces, videospotlights, and groundbreaking track releases.   

My goal here is not to change the way Fox does things, only to enhance the readers enjoyment, and the artists reach.  I am able to help with artist reach as i write on 6 other blogs.  One of which made the Top 100 Music Blogs on the Internet.  

If anyone is interested in reaching me directly, my email is annexx513@gmail.com and i can be found on any social media by searching annexx or annexx513.  

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to working with you all soon.