In your room SMALL

Italian singer-songwriter Sebastian O’s new album “In Your Room” is a bold musical offering that comes from a quiet and collected place. The music and lyrics weep with soul and serenade you into pensively recollecting the parts of you that you often try to hide from the world. From the first notes of “Following Your Eyes” to the ringing out of album closer “I Live in a Wardrobe” I felt as if Sebastian O truly delivered on his promise of “music with no filters”. Everything about this album is raw and relies on minimizing the music experience to maximize the emotional connection.

Across the entire album I uncovered hints of Nick Drake and Damien Rice but there is also songwriting crafted in a way that very much Sebastian O’s signature sound. I’ve got to give credit to the imaginative cover of the Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated” that actually sounds like the Sebastian O was sedated during recording. Other standout tracks include: “Cheers”, “Blue and Gold”, “Colors”, “Take a Look at this Heart” and “I Live in a Wardrobe”. If you are a fan of mellow, laid-back, pensive acoustically-based music, Sebastion O’s “In Your Room” will be your new favorite album. Although it stripped down and very raw, it still contains layers to it that excite the listener on repeated listens. If you’re not trying to be overwhelmed by an onslaught of unnecessary additives and production tricks, then you’ll find “In Your Room” to be an honest, fragile, and unforgettable foray into the genre.

You can check it out on his soundcloud at the link below: