I’m an easy sell when it comes to latin jazz, I grew up in a Latino household immersed in it’s grand folklore and my musical roots extend greatly into my motherland of Mexico. Jazz became a musical influenced I picked up along the way realizing that salsa, flamenco and cumbia worked beautifully together with it. It’s safe to say, DDLO’s “Sueños de Luna y Mar” did not have to do much to earn a listen from me with all that it encompassed.

While only being four tracks long, each track is bathed in impervious and organic rhythms that beg you to move with them. Each of the four tracks is brimming with inventiveness and magic that was worked into each instrumental layer from the ground up. My personal favorite of the four is “El Pulpo y La Luna” which opens up in a very mystical fashion continuing to remain silky smooth as the percussion and other instruments debut. My favorite thing about this album has got to be the intricate guitar work that has the feel and flavor of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-esque playing throughout. So much of this album is shrouded in a defiant mysticism that only latin jazz can effectively and consistently deliver and these songs drip with the passion and power they were drenched in.

If you are looking to by serenaded, seclude yourself from the world for about 20 minutes and experience DDLO’s “Sueños de Luna y Mar” privately and then go share it with the world. The embedded link to the album on their soundcloud is below: