Jared Weiss’ “Isolated Thunderstorms” is a decent album that is dealing with an identity crisis of sorts – Jared appears to think he’s a hard rocker but clearly functions more effectively as a pop rocker.

It starts off very poorly with it’s underwhelming titular track but immediately picks up with two addictive pop-infused tracks titled “Annalu” and “Get Out of My Head”. It hits another confusing lull with the folksy and awkwardly titled “Not Everything That Dies Grows Old” and struggles to regain footing with a song called “Can’t Remember Your Name” that sounds like it was ripped-off from a trashed Jack White recording session. It finds it’s place once again with the second part of the titular track, this time packaged as an acoustic piece of power-pop perfection evoking hints of Ludo and My Chemical Romance. The next track, “Julia” is a more defiant alternative rock song, at this point, the first self-described rock song on the album I can fully appreciate with its catty demeanor and haunting lyrics.

“Almost All of Me” is a poppy piano balled that fits in easily with pretty much anything on Broadway, and that theatrical niche seems to be the most fitting for Jared Weiss. “Saving Tomorrow” continues in the previously established show tunes direction and contains some brilliant aspects but on the whole feels like a filler track. “Reni” is pretty painful to listen to as Jared attempts a country drawl in this wistful acoustic track laced with harmonica. However, the last minutes of the album are saved by capitalizing on it’s closing track “Elusive Particle”, an elegantly devised alternative rock song with an electrifying epic energy.

Based on my observations, Jared would do well to eschew his traditional rock roots and really work to develop his more theatrical and power-pop tendencies upon moving forward with his career. All-in-all, it was a mostly enjoyable album but struggled with too many moving parts that happened to be pulling it apart in different directions creating a cacophony of content instead of combining to create one wholly cohesive album.

“Isolated Thunderstorms” is available now on Jared Weiss’ website: