The self-titled debut album of “Mah-Ze-Tar” is a sprawling fusion of Eastern and Western musical elements that takes you on a synesthetic journey through the Raga. While all of the 9 songs may not be stand outs, they all flow together incredibly well to give this album a nuanced cohesion to aid the experience.

The opening number “Maand” is nothing special sonically yet still manages to draw you in with it’s droning overtones. “Bhoopali” is beautifully ethereal in both voice and music, it’s essence dripping with soulfulness. The lead single “Liquid Lotus” is a good choice for a single, it combines the breath of experimentation of the album while still remaining grounded enough to be a catchy track. The drum line of “Cosmic Union” is hypnotizing when paired with the rhythm in Mah-Ze-Tar’s voice. “Yaman” is a dream-like trip through the void and leads perfectly into “Keshi” the longest song on the album, and in my opinion, a stand-out for it’s experimental bravado. “Folk Tune” is just as the name suggests, and is a bit of a miss for me but they can’t all be winners sometimes. “Hamsa” flows wonderfully into the closing number “Bilawal” which lets the album end on a lighter more joyous note.

If you’re looking for an intriguing album I highly recommend checking out Mah-Ze-Tar’s self-titled album. You can watch the music video for the single “Liquid Lotus” now below and look out for the album on all major outlets on October 19th: