To say that Max Lee’s “Colors of Noise” is experimental is appropriate, however, it lacks the coherence and depth of successful experimental music. I had high hopes for this album after reading about Max Lee’s idols and influences so I was completely blind sighted by the lack of musicianship, murmuring spoken word, and off-pitch crooning that plagues this album. Max brags about doing this album entirely solo without outside help but honestly, he could’ve benefited from a few more cooks in the kitchen, or at least some kind souls to rope him in a bit.

The album opens with “Finder’s Keeper” and just kind of rambles on for another 17 more tracks never really finding it’s footing on solid ground. While it was a rough time having to listen to all 18 tracks, the upside is that they are all under three minutes with many being under two so the album isn’t a huge investment time-wise. There were the occasional tracks that had a glimmer of hope but cascading into an underwhelming sense of mediocrity despite a decent intro: “The Key” and “how i feel” are two prominent examples that come to mind.

While I didn’t enjoy this musical outing by Max Lee, I do believe he is a talented musician, however, I feel as if he should focus on the music aspect and maybe bring someone in for the vocal portion of his music. As it stands, however, “Colors of Noise” is largely a miss for me. You’d do best to avoid it but if you must listen to it, the link is provided below and the album is out now on his bandcamp and streaming services.