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Blank Canvas Cover
Chameleon Technology manages to instill many different elements working together in harmony, which makes “Blank Canvas” an entertaining listen each and every time. Songwriter Max Histrionic combines punk rock attitude with a heavy and rhythmic delivery, as heard in bands such as Green Day and Thrice. 
The opening track “No Safe Word” perfectly sets the tone for a high-energy EP like this one. Beginning in true punk rock fashion, the song kicks off with a guttural bassline that welcomes in a drum beat that kicks you in the teeth. Following suit, the siren-sounding guitar lick and roaring vocals begin. Lyrically, this is nothing too special, but there are a handful of cleverly written lines such as: “But you don’t want this complexity, you’re confusing ethics with chastity.” 
Up next, we have “Serin’s Vending” which is guaranteed to make you want to get up and move. With a catchy hook and pop-punk bounce to it, this is definitely one of the most fun tracks to listen to on the EP. Favorite line from this track: “…He’s defined by that which she says he can’t have.” The short nature of the song makes it worthy of a few solitary repeats.
“Lifestyle Science” is up-beat and nicely displays Histrionic’s vocal range as well as his drumming skills. His use of both harsh and clean vocals in the same verse is well executed, which is not always an easy feat to accomplish. With the line “I’m breathing better now, understanding how it went down. New motivation found, I’ll take the world on”, this is a fun, uplifting chorus that also happens to be a declaration of making a positive change in one’s life. 
The listener finally gets to cool down for a second as “Self Repair” comes in with a bounce. We can hear a heavy rockabilly influence very prominently here. This definitely has my favorite chorus on the EP. It is chalk full of harmonies, distorted guitar, a bass riff that swings, and drums fit for dancing to. “Not sure she’s worth this song. Still waiting on her to prove me wrong” is my favorite line here for the simple fact that it is relatable. That seems like a place we’ve all been to at some point.
Blank Canvas needed a proper outro and this self-titled track gives the listener just that. The first time I heard this song, I knew it was going to be my favorite. The best part about it, is the fact that it doesn’t take the turn one would expect it to, during the chorus. Instead of singing or slowing the song down, Histrionic lets loose and hoarsely belts out the lyrics at the top of his lungs. “What would old Eckhart say? You get there realizing it’s already where you are.” This is the second time he seems to visit the topic of looking to one’s past and trying to come to terms with it in order to move forward. 
All in all, I enjoyed listening to this EP and would recommend my readers give it a repeated listen. It is laced with positive messages within metaphors, excellent musicianship that grabs your attention, and a whole lot of attitude. It is refreshing to see well-rounded musicians like Chameleon Technology taking the stage and bringing well-crafted work such as this to an audience. I’m looking forward to the next release and you should be, too. You can find a link to stream Blank Canvas below.