Eric Anders & Mark O’Bitz are a folk duo based in Southern California and their album “Of All These Things” showcases the maturity and elegance gained of years of working together. While this is their debut as a duo, O’Bitz has collaborated with Anders on all of his solo efforts. “Of All These Things” finds them navigating personal growth from the often uncomfortable places it takes you to on your journey.

From the start of the opener “Below the Night” to the last notes on the album closer “Found My Way Home”, Anders & O’Bitz take the listener on a wistful journey of self-discovery and understanding the need  to separate the old parts of you from the new parts you’ve cultivated. The biggest standout track for me was “Look Into the Sun” which reminds us to just enjoy the moment and not let worrying and anxiety envelop you and overwhelm your efforts. Another standout track “I Used to Be Another” is a wistfully triumphant track that describes how we grow and change yet still remain somewhat tied to our past self despite being open to new love and new experiences.

This album as a whole reflects on the growth and maturity we will all experience in some way one day. For some it might be gaining a family, for others it might be an opportunity or experience the world offers to us, however, no matter what the difference in lifestyle is, Anders & O’Bitz walk a fine line on this album to bridge the differences and offer a wholesome and fulfilling take on where growth can take you and how you can accept yourself and be who you need to be to receive your own definition of success. Each song on “Of All These Things” reflects on growth and the paths we take and the decisions we must make to be who we need to be. If you’re having a difficult time in your life right now, I strongly believe the right album can make the difference and help you see the hope and light that life has to offer and I truly believe for some people this album will be just that. Check it out below.