Deb Montgomery showcases an electric evolution on her new EP titled “All the Water”. The Seattle folk-rocker channels the virtue of Neil Young, the bravado of Patti Smith and the vulnerability of Conor Oberst on this tender yet triumphant five song EP.

Opening with the titular track, “All the Water” is an incredibly entrancing first song, echoing some grungy elements and a brooding acoustic melody with pulsating percussions overlapped by Deb’s soaring vocals. “Dig for Diamonds” is a wistful almost-ballad of a person yearning to stand on solid ground and Deb’s delivery has a Cranberries vibe to it. “Wake Me” veers the EP towards a more increasingly somber direction while “Hold On” turns up the heat with it’s triumphant sound and message. “Mend”, the closing track, is a tender bare-all piece that ends the EP on a subtle and sweet note.

If you are a fan of raw sounding folk music with beautifully composed lyrics you will find your match in “All the Water” by Deb Montgomery. I highly recommend checking this EP out. You can listen to and pre-order the EP ahead of it’s October 13th release date at the embedded link below: